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Count to 10

Lets face it those 3 words have never calmed me down! In fact definitely did the opposite!

How frustrating were these words to you when you were younger, or maybe they still are! It wasn’t until I took my 200H yoga teaching course were we learnt about the anatomy and the body functions did this all finally click with me.

The power of your mind.

To understand how important the breath is outrageous (Yes a touch dramatic, but it really is) By focusing on your breath you are doing so much without even realising it. You increase the a healthy amount of blood flow around your body, providing oxygen to all the muscles which will help increase recovery. Whether that’s muscle recovery or recovering from injury. You nourish the brain with blood/Oxygen helping to improve your mental state. Increasing focus, allowing you to settle the mind and reduced stress and tension.

This is why I love Vinyasa yoga so much, connecting each breath to each movement and flowing through sequences, moving and stretching the body at the same time, I've never left my mat feeling worse off!

I could speak about this for ages! The whole thing just fascinates me! I saw on Instagram a lady who did some light meditation with her child before a Fighting competition and he was so nervous but by practicing the meditation/ long deep breaths it helped him to re focus, calm down and calm his nerves. I thought this was sooo powerful and that if we encouraged children from a young age to practice meditation what a world we could live in. I’m no scientist but surly this could help reduced the amount of Anxiety and stress levels we all suffer with as adults?

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