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The Start of my Yoga Journey.

Updated: Apr 3, 2019

Body balance was the starting point into the world of yoga for me, it also involved Tai Chi and Pilates. Hooked, I couldn't get enough! I would go every week and I loved how it made me feel, a decent work out but equally good active recovery. However I did not enjoy the meditation/ relaxation at the end what so ever. My mind would not switch off and all I could think about was what I had done that day, what I needed to do when I got home or what I wanted to eat later on! It was a struggle but I was so happy when the class finished, I always felt really good (apart from maybe the odd occasion when there was someone next to me who clearly knew what they were doing and I would fixate on comparing myself to them the WHOLE time).

Eventually I started doing proper yoga classes which was where my passion grew further. A good knowledgable teacher always helps any new hobby to progress, but this teacher was just simply brilliant and I probably owe it to her for where I am today. She was an Iyengar teacher at the local gym, she always had a huge smile on her face and was so welcoming, she explained everything so clearly, everything just seemed to make sense in her classes. She had the whole teaching thing down to a T. I would definitely recommend going to some Iyengar classes if you are new to yoga!

Next stage was in need of something a little more challenging, Ashtanga Yoga was my next go to. Again I was very lucky to have yet another good teacher! (good teacher = good experience) He started each class with a mantra and usually this kind of thing would make me a little uncomfortable, but he made it sound so beautiful and peaceful. Ashtanga was a challenge thats for sure, a good intense flow helping me to start to connect my breath to movement. Starting to build more strength, increase my flexibility and by combining what I had learnt from Iyengar about alignment, it helped me to feel a little more at ease and a little more knowledgable to what I was doing. It was a good feeling thats for sure, everything was starting to feel a little more natural and things were starting to flow.

Now I was starting to explore a little more, going to new classes with different teachers, starting to practice on my own. Even trying Aerial Yoga which is 100% a bit of me! I LOVE a hammock and who ever thought about combining this with yoga is a pure utter genius. This is something I want to do more of and who knows maybe even teach it one day. There are still sooo many different styles of Yoga I want to try and so many different classes I want to attend. There is so much I still want and need to learn, this is just a brief start to my journey and there are many more chapters to come.

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