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Never thought I would love yoga as much as I do! All thanks to K G Yoga


Always feel good after a yoga class, refocus the mind and a good stretch! Thank you K G Yoga


I was nervouse walking into my first session with Katy as I hadn't done much yoga before. I had all the usual fears, not being able to follow whats going on, not being able to keep up with the rest of the class or not even being able to do the movements at all! I needn't have worried. She pitches the content of the class at a level that is challenging but not intimidation and makes it very easy to follow with clear and precise instructions. She has a wonderful, laid back teaching style which keeps everyone so at ease.

I have a sporting background having competed in Dressage for many years and I have also taken up CrossFit more recently. I have found yoga with Katy has resulted in a real amelioration in both. Improvements in my balance and flexibility have benefitted me across both disciplines.

I am always on the go so it is lovely to be able to spend an hour a week doing something completely different. During the last fifteen minutes of a session we work on meditation. I have found out just how valuable it is to give myself that time to unwind and calm my mind. Katy really helps put you in a place where you can truly relax. 



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